Hi everyone! Welcome to my site – here, you; my readers will get information, stories and anecdotes that I will share about my past and present experiences which may help you in your future en devours.

I’ve started blogging since I was 16 years old, on a platform called webs.com. It was for photography club where I’ve posted about pictures that I’ve took and talked about my clubs activities. Then came random-apples, which was created in 2010 and the last post I’ve written there was in 2013. Random-apples didn’t have a clear distinction on what my audiences was as all the things I’ve written was more about stuffs I’ve found in the net and unnecessary things that people don’t really bother about.

Now times have changed and I’ve finally found my mojo back and this would be the place where I’ll talk about the things that I’ve done, what went wrong, things I’ve did to overcome a situation and a place for me to share my knowledge about work, engineering, business, etc.

Enjoy reading!

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