365 Days Of Failure (4): I cheated to get a CGPA of 4.0 in my final year exam in college.

365 Days Of Failure (4): I cheated to get a CGPA of 4.0 in my final year exam in college.


I’ve mentioned previously in my first 365 Days Of Failure posts that I wasn’t a straight-A student.

Though the picture says otherwise, the actual fact was I cheated to get an A specifically for one subject. It was Pendidikan Islam (Islamic Studies).

Truth be told, all other subjects were legit A’s – but for Islamic Studies I had to memorize a Surah (a Surah is what we call as a ‘chapter’ in the Holy Quran). It was Surah Yasin (the 36th chapter of the Quran and has 83 verses, around 10-15 pages long depending on what size of Quran that you’re reading).

During the recital, our teacher gathered a group of 5 to recite the Surah. We gathered in a circle and the teacher was in the middle. He actually gave us a week to memorize Surah Yasin, but I didn’t memorize it at all. I scored a good chunk of marks in the paper exams and in order to get an A I had to memorize this Surah.

In my group, I can tell everyone memorizes it. Except me. When everyone started reciting, I recited together up till the first 10 verses and then I’m gone. I started mumbling, humming and produced sounds which sound almost exactly the same as what my friends were reciting. It was like a delayed type of response speech. I have to go through this. Only 73 verses left. Only 73 verses to hum.

And when we finally recited the last verse. I was nervous – I’m sure that my teacher would recognize that I wasn’t reciting the verses. I’m sure he might fail me on the memorization module and I had to settle with a B at least, or he might give me another day or so to memorize it and recite in front of him one on one.

“Thank you students. You all pass the memorization test,”.

I’m not sure whether my teacher was paying attention to the recital, or probably he was being nice. Clearly he was being nice because we were the last group to recite and I specifically chose to be in the last group because I hoped that this could happen. My teacher being nice to let me get to pass the memorization module although I didn’t recite most of the verses of Surah Yasin.

And I got an A for Islamic Studies.

I’ve had that guilt for years now and I had to write it out. So there you have it. If not because of my teacher I won’t be getting a straight-A after all. I still treat it as a B though, because my effort simply wasn’t there.


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