Engineering 101: Why I Chose To Be A Chemical Engineer

Engineering 101: Why I Chose To Be A Chemical Engineer

­­I hate to say it, but I chose chemical engineering as my dream occupation because I loved chemistry when I was in high school.

As I progress myself as a chemical engineering student, I’ve realized that chemical engineering is indeed interesting, useful and rewarding. Some of my points are as of below:

  1. Chemical Engineers acquire a wide variety of skills
  2. Chemical Engineers are highly employable
  3. Chemical engineering offers many exciting career choices
  4. Chemical engineering is not a restrictive choice
  5. Chemical engineers can change the world

Before graduating, I was interviewed by a number of companies such as CIMB, Khazanah Nasional, Celcom Axiata and Teach for Malaysia. They acknowledge that engineers are capable bankers, analyst, managers, and teachers. I did receive a few job offers from those companies, but I prefer to be working with an engineering firm so that I could be exposed to the technical aspects of what engineers usually do.

Again back to why I chose chemical engineering; while I was in high school I used to teach my friends about chemistry because I loved the subject so much. After school, I’ll stay back and go the library and teach them about the periodic table of elements, how to balance chemical equations, electrochemistry, etc.

My additional mathematics teacher, Bidari was a chemical engineer. During his classes he will talk about his experience working as one, applying his chemistry knowledge to solve daily technical problems in plants. He talked about the importance of understanding chemistry and the role of mathematics in solving these problems. I was good in both, so it makes good sense that I should be a chemical engineer.

I remembered I was asked this question when I was applying for a job in Bumi Armada – my first company that I’ve worked for; why did I choose engineering?

I told the HR manager that it was simply because I love chemistry and mathematics but she wasn’t sold. She said it was bullshit and she asked me again, why did you choose engineering?

So I told her the real truth;

“I can make lots of money. Get the oppurtunity to travel and go to sponsored events,”.

I wasn’t joking when I said that. The HR manager nodded and praised

“That’s right. That’s why you chose engineering. Was it hard to say it?”


“Good. Now you should proceed with your next interview process with the Senior HR Manager. All the best!”

There it is. The bold truth on why I chose engineering. I’ll talk about my first job at a later post. What’s your real reason you choose your desired career path?

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