My Goals To Become A Millionaire By The Age of 30: Archive 1

My Goals To Become A Millionaire By The Age of 30: Archive 1


*This would be a series of posts that tells my readers on how I will became a millionaire by the age of 30*

I’m 26 this year and after 4 years I’ll be 30. 30 is the age of where most people think its the beginning and end of the decade that may be marked by significant life changes. If you’re not earning a stable income or atleast traveled alone or maybe a Masters Degree, you probably wasted a lot of your time either playing too much games, drunk or stoned. (Atleast that’s what the current society wants us to be – why can’t just everyone be a millionaire?)

I wasn’t raised in a rich family. Neither my family was poor. My dad was working as a security guard and my mom was working as a subsitute teacher. My dad used to bring me to kindergarden using his motorbike and I used to walk 30mins and crossed a river to school, went to a journey of bus rides and flights to and from university. I also got kicked out from my first corporate job in less than a year because the economy was trash.

Now here I am, an engineer for an oil and gas company (Malaysia Liquified Natural Gas – MLNG) and working hard paycheque after paycheque. The pay is good, it’s higher than what most Malaysians earn at my age but being the only one working in a family of 5, divorced parents and with my sisters still studying does take a toll on how much you can save each month.

“Survival goes not to the strongest or smartest of the species, but to the one most adaptable to change,”

I’m taking a step forward in this tough time with ever increasing job cuts, retrenchments and living costs to adapt in such environment, a few measures to adapt by first; creating a goal on what I’m going to do for the year 2017.

But before that, let me talk about goals. A lot of people know what goals is about. It is something that you want to achieve which effort is directed. I’ve set a lot of goals in my life before, but I realized that I made one huge mistake – I didn’t break my goals into tiny little pieces.

So here are my Top 3 Goals Before The Age Of 30

  1. I am a millionaire
  2. I am married
  3. I am healthy

I’m pretty sure some of you would be asking, how would I become a millionaire, how am I going to be married and how am I going to stay or be healthy?

So I break my goals further down into

What should I do in 2017 to achieve this?

I am a millionaire by the age of 30

  1. Create a website, write about my experiences and get traffic for it (Done)
  2. Create an app, android preferably and host it in Google Play (Q4 target)
  3. Save at least 20% of my income (RM1000) for compounding interest savings account (Doing it religiously)
  4. Learn a new language and master it by 6 months (Iban/Mandarin – currently learning mandarin)

I am Married by the age of 30

  1. Save at least RM10,000 in my marriage bank account (Q4 Target)
  2. Learn and understand marriage, in religious and life aspects (Ongoing)
  3. Understand my partner better (Ongoing)

I am healthy

  1. Buy a bicycle and get myself riding at least once every two weeks (Q3 Target)
  2. Gradually stop smoking (I’m smoking an average of 5-7 cigarettes per day – Q4 Target)
  3. Eat less and go for a proper diet plan (Eating less sugar and less trans food).

So as you can see here I’m breaking my goals to achievable ones – goals that I might be able to do and is not within my reach. You should try it too and see how it might help in transforming your life to the better.



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