Gosh. It’s been 6 months from my last update and I owe some of my reader’s on what I have been doing to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a millionaire.

It’s not easy.

But, if I were to make it, then probably I could prove a point that anyone can become a millionaire with the right amount of resources and determination. (Resources: Books, information, and people).

So previously, I’ve set these goals for 2017:

I am a millionaire by the age of 30

  1. Create a website, write about my experiences and get traffic for it (Update: my website has been averaging 2 page views a day. Not bad considering how infrequent i have been updating the site).
  2. Create an app, android preferably and host it in Google Play (Update: Me and my friend are currently working on a business model and I am trying to learn and get as much information as I could on how to create an app. I’ve been using, udemy and also youtube to learn these valuable skills. I don’t think publishing an app by the end of 2017 is possible at this rate. But at least we have something). 
  3. Save at least 20% of my income (RM1000) for compounding interest savings account (Update: Come June 2017, I took out most of my savings from my ASB account, roughly RM10k for a project and for my mom. I’ll explain it afterwards)
  4. Learn a new language and master it by 6 months (Update: I enrolled to a mandarin class, at Sedamai College in Bintulu; the fee was RM1400 for a class of 3 months starting from June to August. It was more to beginner mandarin and I’ve learned some basics word and pronunciation. I’m currently in the process of looking for a Mandarin tutor in skype for me to practice my mandarin this October. It’ll be a waste if I were not to practice the words that I’ve learned in my mandarin class). 

I am Married by the age of 30

  1. Save at least RM10,000 in my marriage bank account (Update: Roughly RM2k at the moment. Still possible with a 30% success rate.)
  2. Learn and understand marriage, in religious and life aspects (Update: Truthfully I didn’t spend much time on this.)
  3. Understand my partner better (Update: This. We had more fights than we ever did in 2016. But atleast I understand her better now.)

I am healthy

  1. Buy a bicycle and get myself riding at least once every two weeks (Update: I’m going to scrap this. Instead I’m going to set as playing tennis at least once every two weeks which I am actually doing.)
  2. Gradually stop smoking (Update: Tough one. I did stop smoking for almost 2 weeks when I had one of my worst food poisoning experiences ever in July. I still habitually smoke. But 3-5 sticks a day compared to 5-7 during the early years. Progress!)
  3. Eat less and go for a proper diet plan (Update: I can say that I certainly fail on this one. I’ve gained a staggering 12kg ever since I came to Bintulu in 2015. Too much sugar and too much food. I’ll use lean six sigma to help me on this.)

Right, so those are my current updates on my track to become a Millionaire by the age of 30. I’ve mentioned that I took out almost RM10k of my savings right? So I used that money to give my mom for house renovations and Hari Raya celebrations back in June. The rest of the money was used for me to a rent a shoplot, at Matang for a business that I’ve currently working on with my cousin and group of friends.  And oh, I’ve bought myself my first house and built a rig to mine cryptocurrency. I’ll share those information on a later post. I’ll keep you guys updated!

How’s your goal for 2017 going on so far? Did you progressed or closed any?


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