Engineer Consultation

Engineer Consultation

Are you a student or just recently graduated?

“Aku tak tau nak study apa. Ni apa benda formula-formula panjang2 sampai aku pun pening. Nombor IC sendiri pun aku tak ingat!”

“Lepas graduate ni nak cari kerja. Company A baru advertise 2 position, tapi applicant 4000 orang. Gila”

Are you tired of asking questions and keep on getting the wrong answers?

“Sir, apa tu technical question?”

“Technical lah…”

“Macam mana aku nak pakai formula ni..? Theory dia pun aku tak paham..ko faham tak?”

“Ala ko letak ja nombor semua tu..settle”

Do you need someone to guide you through where you are now to get to where you want (good grades / landing a job interview )?

“Aku punya pointer dahla 2.0..nak dapat 2.5 sem ni memang bro macamana ko study?”

“Ko study je apa lecturer tu bagitaw..simple”

“Macam mana nak dapat interview..?”

“Ko send je resume..ko pegi je career fair. Senang”

If you answered yes to most of these questions and have faced these difficulties then I am here to guide you in getting those answers you need in scoring that grade and interview.

Before I talk to you further, let me introduce myself –

My name is Mohammad Bazil Bin Bolia. I am a Malaysian and I am 26 years old.

I graduated in 2014 from the University of Sheffield in Masters of Engineering (MEng) from Chemical Engineering.

While studying and during my final year, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovary cancer and got divorced with my dad. I went through all the emotional trauma and finished my studies.

I got retrenched in my first company at Bumi Armada with less than a year experience.

I am currently working with Petronas, at Malaysia LNG Sdn. Bhd as a senior process engineer.

I have worked at Bumi Armada (one of the biggest FPSO companies in the world), Offshore Kesuma Sdn Bhd (a vendor company providing services to Oil and Gas companies in Malaysia) and in Petronas (A world 500 fortune company).

I have received numerous job interviews (ExxonMobil, Shell, Bumi Armada, Teach for Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional, Petronas, Nestle, etc..); in which I’ve excelled and failed in the process and I am here to tell you my story in what I did wrong; how you can learn from it and what mistakes you should avoid while in your interview or even in your engineering studies.

I have learned numerous skills; engineering, problem-solving, interviews, presentations and others.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am here to help and guide you out from that difficulty. I am not a perfect being but I hope that with my experience and knowledge could guide you to kickstart your future.

Whether you need a mock interview session, storytelling in how do I get to this level, constructing resume’s or solving an engineering problem, let me be your guide.

For the year 2018, I have set myself a goal that I would like to help others from what I have been through.

Let me guide you in asking the right questions so that you can do the right experiment and finally getting the right answers.

I am giving everything for free (my CV’s, engineering ebooks and posts) on this website in hope that you will learn a thing or two.

If you would like personal coaching services from myself, you can contact me through email at